EXIREL 3-27-17

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Farm Credit Q1 2017
Spot Light Stories

Thursday Up Day Across the Grain and Cattle Futures

Thursday was a positive day across the cattle and grain complexes.

Aquifer-Re-charge Aquifer Re-charge

Idaho has an aquifer that was the equivalent of Lake Erie.

Pear-Marketing-Order-Passes-Pt-1 Pear Marketing Order Passes Pt 1

Northwest Pear Growers Vote to Continue Federal Marketing Order, longest running in U.S.

Soil Health Research at WSU Pt 2

WSU Extension Research on Soil Health.

Japan-Faces-Potato-Chip-Crisis Japan Faces Potato Chip Crisis

Typhoons decimated potato crops in Hokkaido — Japan’s largest potato producing region — last summer.

Soil Health Research at WSU Pt 1

WSU Extension Research on Soil Health

Presidential-Disaster-Declaration Presidential Disaster Declaration

President Donald J. Trump signed a Presidential Disaster Declaration for 11 southern Idaho counties.

Hemp-Rules-Finalized-Pt-2 Hemp Rules Finalized Pt 2

Rules finalized for growing and processing industrial hemp in Washington state.


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Holton Livestock Exchange, Inc. Congratulations 65th Anniversary

CAYAC (Cattle Auction Yard Advertising Co-op)
70 Sale Barns strong across the US 
DuPont Potato Protection 2017

Upcoming Ag Events

5/31 - 6/2, 2017 Oregon Cattlemen Midyear , Wildhorse Casino, Pendleton
6/14, World Golf Classic, Canyon Lakes Golf Course Kennewick WA
7/23 - 7/27, Ag Media Summit , St Louis MO