Best turkey hunting

Best turkey hunting

David Sparks Ph.D.
David Sparks Ph.D.
Looking to hit the road in search of gobbling turkeys this spring? No other animal offers the roadtrip hunting opportunities you’ll find with turkeys. But do you know the best states to hunt?

Like with deer hunting, some turkey hunting states take all the glory. The rest are largely disregarded or ignored as great destinations to hunt wild turkeys. These are some of those places.


Everyone talks about Pennsylvania with a very rich hunting heritage — perhaps one that’s greater than any other state in the region. Still, there are others nearby with incredible opportunities. Connecticut is one of those places. It’s a small state with a small population of turkeys (less than 40,000). But those who can find a place to hunt will enjoy minimal hunting pressure. New Hampshire has a slightly larger turkey population than Connecticut, and a little more land to roam.


In the South, it’s all about Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and Texas. Those are the five kings of the turkey hunting world.


In the Midwest and Heartland, Kansas and Wisconsin (usually) take top honors. These are the places that get the most headlines and fame. Nebraska is full of turkeys and not many resident turkey hunters.


Colorado, Montana and Wyoming are likely the most popular western states in which to hunt loud-mouthed longbeards. Others are just as good (if not better), though.

California is on that list.

All things considered, a turkey hunt is only good as you make it. Someone hunting in the worst state can have a better outcome than someone in the best one. That’s important to remember.

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