Great whitetail hunts

Great whitetail hunts

David Sparks Ph.D.
David Sparks Ph.D. listed The 7 Most Underrated Whitetail States. Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Texas, Montana, Wisconsin, and other states are notable whitetail destinations that get most of the accolades.

These and more receive most of the press for being the best and biggest in the world of whitetails. But the winds are shifting, and hunters are becoming wise to a new crop of underrated states that are slowly inching to the top.

Here’s a look at the 7 most underrated whitetail states for deer hunting this season. 

While Delaware is small, it packs a big-buck punch. There is some great deer hunting here, and plenty of big bucks to land in the backs of trucks. Too few realize its untapped potential.

When people think of western deer hunting, Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming come to mind. Idaho? Not so much. But it should.

While the quality of Indiana’s deer hunting is slowly becoming more apparent, it hasn’t received the influx of hunters that other states have.

Kentucky hasn’t been overlooked for several seasons. That said, I believe it’s still underrated when compared to other states, such as Iowa, Kansas, Illinois, and more.

When all things are considered, Ohio seems to offer the best opportunities. It already has a lot of hunters but doesn’t receive the credit it deserves.

Maryland is full of opportunity. It has about 200,000 whitetails and many of these are mature ones. 

Last but not least, Oklahoma rounds out our list of the most underrated states that also offer the best deer hunting opportunities.

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