Poultry Avian Flu Update

Poultry Avian Flu Update

Trevor Williams
Trevor Williams
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Humans aren't the only ones having to deal with a pandemic, at least for the moment. Poultry across the country have been dealing with the severity of another bird flu outbreak. The USDA has warned Poultry producers to watch for a return of the highly pathogenic avian influenza, which is seeing similar conditions like the last outbreak in 2014-2015. The outbreak just a few years ago resulted in the deaths of millions of birds across the county. Georiga and Alabama are 2 of the highest broiler bird producing states,

Karla Salp with the Washington state Department of Agriculture has planned a webinar to educate poultry owners now before cases are reported. She says the on-line event focuses on the background of highly pathogenic avian influenza, and then transition to biosecurity measures…tape

*“So, basically practical things that you can do in your own flock to protect them from contracting this disease.”*

Salp noted the agriculture community has the opportunity now to prevent this from becoming a problem.

*“So, it’s really important that people get this information and then take those steps to protect their own flock and their neighbor’s flock from bird flu.”*

Poultry Producers interested in registering for the USDA webinar, titled: Defend the Flock, can register for free at the USDA website. Just search for Defend the Flock at USDA.gov.

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