Foot Odor

Foot Odor

David Sparks Ph.D.
David Sparks Ph.D.
A big part of any successful hunter's scent-control regimen involves what they wear into the field. Activated carbon clothing, scent-control detergents, sprays, and the use of ozone products can destroy a lot of unwanted odors that might otherwise cause a deer to spook when hunting. Unfortunately, hunters often forget about – or don’t pay enough attention to – a critical part of their body. I’m talking about feet; forget about yours, and they can easily sabotage your hunt.

It’s no secret that feet can stink. They often sweat inside your footwear and create an abundance of odor-causing bacteria. Those smells can excape from the tops of your boots with every step you take, or every subtle move you make while on stand. Additionally, the soles and outsides of your boots are in direct contact with the ground and vegetation, so they have the potential to constantly transfer odors to the hunting environment.

Follow these three steps for controlling odors on your feet and boots, and you’ll improve your odds of beating a whitetail’s nose.

Keep Them Clean

Minimizing foot odor starts with keeping them clean. Shower before the hunt with a quality odor-destroying soap and don’t forget to pay special attention to your feet.

Use Ozone Storage

After your boots are clean and deodorized, it is crucial to store them where no odors can get until it is time to hunt.

Dress in the Field

When you get into your vehicle to drive to your hunting location, it’s full of odors from dirt, sweat, food, colognes, pets – you name it.

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