Ag Proz Takes the Pain out of Ag Sales

Ag Proz Takes the Pain out of Ag Sales

Tim Hammerich
Tim Hammerich
News Reporter
With California Ag Today, I’m Tim Hammerich.

There can be a lot of frustrations associated with the ag sales process. Farmers don’t want to be bombarded with products that don’t help them and salespeople want to spend their time with the most promising prospects.

Two California ag guys came up with a tool to help, called Ag Proz. Here’s Co-Founder and CEO John Krum.

Krum… “So no longer are you driving past a ranch saying, man, I wonder who owns that? Or wonder how many acres they farm? Or I wonder what else they farm? From a map based version you're able to identify that and then quickly assess if you can help them or not. That creates value for you. And it creates value for the grower. The reality is if we're saving the grower time by not having these sales guys beat on their door, then we're saving them too.”

Krum called friend, 4th generation farmer, and fellow ag sales professional Neil Knaak to help him turn the idea into a company.

Knaak… “I always had sort of a passion for ag technology and solutions that could have helped my own family back when we were farming. And so got into sales,and had a consulting career where I did that for about seven years. And, he came to me this idea. It was my exact problem in that, you know, I had some really unique awesome tools and solutions for growers. I didn't know how to get out there and reach them in an effective way.”

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