USDA Report Could be a Another Market Mover

USDA Report Could be a Another Market Mover

Tim Hammerich
Tim Hammerich
News Reporter
It’s time for your Market Line Commodity Report. I’m Tim Hammerich.

Markets were stronger on Thursday ahead of today’s USDA Report. Here’s Scott Shellady with more.

Shellady… “Corn looks interesting. We've got a big report tomorrow. I'll keep that in mind. It could be a market mover, right? It's something that we're going to have to watch. And especially after what we saw happen with the acreage number, you know, this is why that positioning I talk about is going to be pretty important. So we've bounced more than 13 cents coming to market this morning. Overnight, e were up 13 cents from Dec's low contract. We've tacked on some more pennies to that today. So that's a good move, right? So again, I can't say this enough, but if you're a producer take advantage of these things, because it'sthe trading God has given you a chance. So get some of your risks down on paper. Use the exchange for what it's for, and hedge some of these better prices.”

In closing markets:

September Corn closed up $0.02 ½ to $3.48 ½.

Chicago September Wheat futures yesterday closed up another $0.08 ½ to $5.25.

Portland bids up as much as $0.10. Soft white wheat of ordinary protein ranging from $5.78 to $5.90.

Club Wheat of Ordinary Protein ranging from $5.90 to $7.53.

Live Cattle futures were up $0.10 on the August board to $99.25. Feeder Cattle for August up $0.47 ½ to $134.52 ½.

Class III milk yesterday up $0.75 to $22.28.

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