Colorado Hay Report

Colorado Hay Report

Maura Bennett
Maura Bennett

Heath Dewey has the numbers on the Colorado Hay Report from the Greeley USDA Livestock, Poultry and Grain Market News Office. Heath says compared to the week before activity and demand were moderate.

Northeast Colorado Areas

Alfalfa Mid Squares: Premium 225.00, Retail/Stable.

Small Squares: Supreme 380.00, (9.50 per bale), 21-bale bundle


Alfalfa/Grass Small Squares: Good/Premium 265.00 (8.00 per bale), Weedy

Retail/Stable. Good 240.00 (6.00 per bale), Retail/Stable.

Grass Small Squares: Premium 310.00-335.00 (10.00 per bale), Retail/Stable.

Orchard/Brome Grass Mix Mid Squares: Premium 300.00, Retail/Stable.

Wheat Grass Small Squares: Premium 280.00 (8.00 per bale), Retail/Stable.

Southeast Colorado Areas Alfalfa

Small Squares: Good 240.00 (8.25 per bale), Retail/Stable.

Grass Small Squares: Premium 275.00-315.00 (9.00 per bale), Retail/Stable.

Rounds: Good/Premium 220.00, Retail/Stable.

Triticale Mid Squares: Premium 140.00.

San Luis Valley Areas

Triticale Large Squares: Premium 140.00.

Mountains and Northwest Colorado Areas

Grass Mid Squares: Premium 240.00, Retail/Stable Barn Stored.

Small Squares: Premium 240.00-270.00 (7.00-7.20 per bale),


The U.S Drought Monitor’s High Plains Summary says the past 30-day period saw precipitation below normal across southeastern Colorado, the Dakotas, eastern Wyoming, and portions of western Kansas. Above-normal precipitation was observed across much of Nebraska, eastern Kansas, and portions of northeastern Colorado.

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