Scorsey's Pheasant Hunt

Scorsey's Pheasant Hunt

David Sparks Ph.D.
David Sparks Ph.D.
Corey Scoran goes on a pheasant run with a good pal and his dog.

Idaho, they manage their pheasant pretty well. They have the wildlife management area and went with a good friend of mine. He's got a young dog. She's about 18 months old and he's trying to work her on the pheasant. So they actually plant in a wildlife management area so you can go out there. They don't tell you when the days are, but it's a good way to train your dog. And we got a couple birds up yesterday. Reward the dog. Love it for the hard work and go to watch your work.

Tell me what you were using. Have a Remington 870 12 gauge. I'm using six shot. Nice and easy walking.

Just watching the dogs. A lot of fun when you get those birds up and get to watch the dogs, chase them down.

Give me a sense for the terrain. Super tall, grass head high. Shoulder high. A lot of marshes in there. So you're storming through super deep grass, which is a challenge for a young dog.

We're still trying to work on her again. Rewarded when she gets a birdie, she'll pick up a scent, watching her bull through the grass and just trying to get her to being a dog instead of trying to follow us around and have her running back and forth and fall on her scent. The biggest thing was for us is we need to slow ourselves down to let her work. I think when we start walking too fast, she's just trying to keep up with us. So getting the dog to sniff out a bird when you see them start to stick their nose in the air and get a little birdie and they flush on up, it's super fun to watch. And then they go get it and they don't want to let that thing go. So it's pretty fun.

So she does it all. He flushes, she retrieves, he does it all.

And she's still young, only 18 months old. But she's come a long way to three times a week. We try and out with her.

She's definitely getting a lot of my friends say the best part of Burton, his work on the dog.

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