Hershey Loves California Almonds

Hershey Loves California Almonds

Patrick Cavanaugh
Patrick Cavanaugh
A global candy company loves to use California almonds.

The Hershey Company, based in Hershey Pennsylvania, is a well-loved company, producing brands that we fall in love with and consume it over our lifetimes!

And our favorite Hershey products have almonds in them. Mark Klein is Senior Manager and Energy and Nut Purchasing at Hershey. “We have been using almonds from California for 111 years, since 1908 when we first introduced the Hershey milk chocolate with almond bar,” noted Klein

"We have many iconic brands that use almonds in them. Our consumers want to enjoy these today, and the future as well. So partnering with the industry to understand what changes can be made, or what varieties to develop that work for Hershey is essential for us," he noted.

Klein also noted that Hershey's customers want to know about the ingredients in their brands. "Our consumers are genuinely interested in understanding where our products come from, and where we source the ingredients from.

To help consumers, Hershey has worked with the almond industry to develop a video called the Hershey almond story, which is on Youtube. "It discusses the entire supply chain---from the grower to the supplier into our facilities as well, where we make the products that everyone loves from Hershey.

That video can easily be found, search for Hershey Almond Story.

Klein noted that Hershey is part of our history. “Our products are tied to childhood memories. We ate Hershey bars with almonds in the. They want to have that same experience today and for the further, and maybe for their kids as well,” Klein said.

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