Thursday Up Day Across the Grain and Cattle Futures

Thursday Up Day Across the Grain and Cattle Futures

Thursday was a positive day across the cattle and grain complexes. From the floor of the CME Group, Joe Vaclavik provides more details

Vaclavik: "The wheat market was sharply higher here on Thursday. I think the market may be reacting to weather and weather forecasts just a little bit here. A lot of winter wheat country — especially hard red winter wheat country — in the southern plains is going to be affected by some very cold temperatures in the next few days. As a matter a fact, some areas had below freezing temperatures here during the last 24-hours or so and there may be more of that as we head into the weekend."

Chicago May Wheat prices closed Thursday up 5 and 3/4 cents at 4-13 and 1/2. May corn ended the day up 3 cents at 3-62.

Portland prices for May soft white wheat of Ordinary Protein ended the day mixed up 5 and 3/4 cents to unchanged ranging from 4-58 and 1/2 to 4-70. Hard Red Winter wheat with 11 ½ % protein, prices for May were up 8 and 1/2 cents ranging from 4-95 and 3/4 to 5-10 and 3/4. DNS wheat with 14 % protein, prices for May were up 2 and 1/4 cents ranging from 6-40 to 6-75 .

June live cattle were up $3 even at 121.52 and half. May feeder cattle were limit up $4.50 at 146-57 and half. May class III milk was up 18 cents at 15-50.

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