Live and Feeder Cattle End Wednesday Sharply Higher

Live and Feeder Cattle End Wednesday Sharply Higher

Wheat and corn ended the day up with live and feeder cattle ended Wednesday much higher. From the floor of the CME Group, Todd Horwitz provides more details

Horwitz: "Everything looks good and everything is favorable to the entire grain complex. However, a lot of the other dynamics around the market are changing, a weaker dollar — going to be more demand — the whole ball of wax makes it very simple. Overall the whole space good looks good but everything is favoring it. For the last three years, we've had things that were unfavorable to the grain markets. Now things are starting to become favorable."

Chicago May Wheat prices closed Wednesday down a penny at 4-07 and 3/4. May corn ended the day down 6 cents at 3-59.

Portland prices for May soft white wheat of Ordinary Protein ended the day mixed down a penny to unchanged ranging from 4-52 and 3/4 to 4-70. Hard Red Winter wheat with 11 ½ % protein, prices for May were up a 1/4 of a cent ranging from 4-87 and 1/4 to 5-02 and 1/4. DNS wheat with 14 % protein, prices for May were up 4 cents ranging from 6-37 3/4 to 6-72 3/4 .

June live cattle were up $3 even at 118.82 and half. May feeder cattle were up $4.50 at 142-17 and half. May class III milk was down 2 cents at 15-30.

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