USPB Spud Nation Update

USPB Spud Nation Update

Today we check in with the United States Potato Board's Spud Nation Executive Chef Travis Howard and he is responsible for all of the existing and creative menu items available on the Spud Nation's food truck that is feeding customers throughout Denver. Howard gives an update

Howard: "Spud Nation has officially hit the road in Denver. We've been doing a lot of the tap rooms and breweries around town for the last month. This upcoming month we are starting to partner with Douglas County School System. We are going to do a trial run for eight weeks with some of their high schools to see how that goes. They are interested in pursuing maybe other food trucks ideas in the future and they are using us as a spring board for that."

Howard shares how Spud Nation has tweaked their menu and processes for this unique pilot program to consider the high school students' tastes.

Howard: "They are picky and always hungry. We're definitely prepared to make accommodations to menu and things like that since we are serving such a different market. Well we do have new menu items. We're doing special menus that are designed for the high schools events that we are doing. They are more scaled down to only three menu items so that we can focus on faster service because at high schools, you get a lot of kids coming in at one time. So we're really keeping the quality up and the speed of service is key for us there."

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