342 Pd  Halibut

342 Pd Halibut

David Sparks Ph.D.
David Sparks Ph.D.
Yesterday we left you with Stan Cunningham's friend John reeling in what they both felt was a huge halibut. "That fish ended up taking him 30 minutes to get even close to the boat. I got on the other rod and caught a 110 pound fish. I kept it. The captain said the fish that John had was tremendous. Well, he started gaining a close of the boat and we didn't even notice it, but the captain had gone and gotten his shotgun. The fish got close to the boat and it was bigger than any halibut that I had ever seen in all of my years of fishing up there. As soon as that thing was within 6 feet of the surface, the captain put a 410 slug right in his head. He was not going to let us, especially me with my camera, take a picture of this finish and release it. That fish ended up being 342 pounds. The one I caught while he was really is in was 107 pounds. So I have a picture here on my counter. 107 pound halibut looks like a baby and the 342 looks like a real fish. He came up with the name King John after that and he has been really hard put up with ever since then. He is 78 years old. We went fishing last summer to the Baja and somehow that fish keeps getting brought up time after time."

Remember, the day before, they had caught a 250 pound halibut and released it. That had made the captain angry and that's why the captain made sure they wouldn't release this one.

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