Portal Provides Opportunities for Both Ag Interns and Companies

Portal Provides Opportunities for Both Ag Interns and Companies

Many college students are considering internships in a variety of segments of the ag industry. One segment that holds much opportunity for those interested in ag services sectors is the fertilizer and agrichemical industry as Far West Agribusiness Executive Director Jim Fitzgerald explains

Fitzgerald: "We want to link our members up with folks that are just entering the industry or have a desire to enter the industry. So what we've developed is this internship portal in order to link the two together. So any student, anywhere — free of charge —can go to our website, look up the internship tab on our home page, on the left-hand side and click on that and then click on the "I'm an applicant seeking an internship" and then they can fill out a simple one-page application and upload their resume and cover letter to our members."

The website is fwaa.org and Fitzgerald adds that each application must be resubmitted every thirty days if needed — as the site purges all applications after 30 days to ensure only current applications are on the site.

Fertilizer and the agrichemical industry will have substantial turnover in the next five to 10 years due to tenured employees retiring and so the opportunity for college students is very good.

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