Pacific Northwest Farmer Named Among DTN's Best American Young Farmers

Pacific Northwest Farmer Named Among DTN's Best American Young Farmers

Earlier this month DTN/The Progressive Farmer announced its 2014 Class of America's Best Farmers and Ranchers Program honorees. This program recognizes the next generation of farmers and ranchers who are building successful agricultural businesses and who are making positive impacts on agriculture and in their communities.

Brenda Frketich of Kirsch Family Farms in St.Paul Oregon was named as one of these six farmers. She was nominated by her local John Deere dealership.

She shares

Frketich: "We went back to Chicago for their annual Ag Summit. So it is the DTN/Progressive Farmer Ag Summit that they do every year. We were invited back as a participants in the summit but also had a luncheon in our honor where we were awarded our plaques and we were given recognition for what we've been doing throughout the year as Young Progressive Farmers."

It is always good news when one of our region's farmers is selected for such an honor. Frketich who is also a blogger at is definitely an advocate for agriculture. Her third-generation family farm includes both Hazelnuts and ryegrass seed.

Frketich: "It was extremely wonderful getting to know the other farmers who won the award as well. It is amazing what other people are up to. We were very diverse in where we were from and the type and size of operations we were running as well."

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