USPB's Test and Learn Program for Retailers

USPB's Test and Learn Program for Retailers

The United States Potato Board is continually testing and validating promising marketing tactics in partnership with retailers and their potato suppliers. The positive results are then shared with the grocery retailers to increase potato sales in their stores through USPB's Test and Learn Program.

The USPB contracted with a third party to analyze and determine what makes better circular ads. The results? The ads that showed prepared potato dishes in the ads rather than raw potatoes had a 23 point higher incremental lift for retailers in comparison.

USPB Retail Programs Consultant Don Ladhoff says this is a very simple change that can make a difference for retailers' potato sales.

Ladhoff: "The reason that prepared ads are more effective is that one they do a better job of attracting attention to the ad simply because they look delicious. Two is that they are demonstrating the desired end result the reason I buy potatoes is to make that casserole, or to make those baked fries, or roast those potatoes. So to show them as the way they will be served rather than in their raw form is a more inspired way to show it to shoppers. Thirdly it is simply a way to give shoppers more ideas."

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