New Website Resource Provides Tools to Grow More Wheat

New Website Resource Provides Tools to Grow More Wheat

This time of year, many farmers are attending growers’ meetings and conventions and learning about new research and resources to help them increase their efficiency or crop yield.

Syngenta’s Ric Wesselman shares more about their new web-based resource for wheat growers -- Tools to Grow More Wheat.

Wesselman: “On this newest segment of Farm Assist website at, they talk about the different stages of wheat. Sometimes we in focus on what is happening right now when in reality looking at a crop from cradle to grave this gives you some things to think about. We have this philosophy of ‘Start Strong, Grow Strong, Yield Strong’ there are different stages of that crop and life cycle of that crop. And so what this allows growers to do and folks in the industry to have a look at, is some ideas to think about at these different stages even before the crop goes in the ground.”

Often the focus is on just one stage of the plant’s life cycle, Wesselman says

Wesselman: “This gives you an opportunity to think about the whole production process and how that fits together where sometimes we chop it into little pieces. We kind of forget how that relates to the whole production of taking a plant from seedling through harvest. This is something new, a resource. If they can learn one new thing off this website that helps them to produce more wheat and higher quality wheat.” 

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