Monsanto's Grow Rural Communities Grants

Monsanto's Grow Rural Communities Grants

Monsanto has announced its fourth annual program in which selected farmers pick a eligible worthy rural community organizations to be awarded $2,500.

Michelle Insco program officer of Monsanto Fund shares more details about the program which is like a lottery drawing for farmers. If they farm in an eligible county they just need to sign up by November 30th at

Insco encourages eligible organizations to “plant” their need or idea on the website as well.

Insco: “You can suggest where a farmer might direct that $2,500 donation. So if you know of a non-profit that is looking for $2,500 to do something specific go on out to put it out there and then when we contact the winning farmer, we share with them all of the ideas that have been planted in their community.”

Although the Pacific Northwest doesn’t have as many eligible counties as the mid-West -- there is opportunity for rural organizations to be awarded $2,500 as Insco explains.

Insco: “So in Washington we have five eligible counties so that is $12,500. In Oregon there is two eligible counties so that is $5,000. In Idaho, five eligible counties so $12,500. It depends on the community and how many put their name in the hat so in some counties it may a 1,000 farmers and then in some it may be 10.”


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