Wheat University

Wheat University


The Washington Association of Wheat Growers and Washington State University are partnering in the Wheat University which will be held May 8th at the WSU Lind Dryland Research Station.

This is the first Wheat University and the impetus behind the program is not presentations in a classroom but also the opportunity to go into the fields and examine the classroom concepts on the ground.

Washington Association of Wheat Growers President Ryan Kregger shares more

Kregger: “That’s why we are having it in the spring when the wheat is growing. You can go out in the field -- it’s not only class room. It is out in the field looking at wheat deficiency problems. So if you have deficiency in copper, you can see what copper deficiency looks like, zinc deficiency, phosphate deficiency. So you are not only looking in the class room, but you are looking at the field and you have a better attention with hands on doing is the whole point of the program.”

Kregger adds that there are some incentives to those producers who sign up early.

Kregger “We are also partnering with McGregor, NuChem and Wilbur-Ellis and they see value in this program. So as a carrot we are putting 2.5 gallons of RoundUp for the first 100 people who RSVP. Syngenta has also decided to give away some Tilt product. So that is the carrot to get them in the door.”

For more information or to register, go to WAWG’s website at www.wawg.org.


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