Food Tags & Demanding Refunds plus Fixing a Leak

Food Tags & Demanding Refunds plus Fixing a Leak

Food Tags & Demanding Refunds plus Fixing a Leak. I’m Greg Martin with today’s Northwest Report.

You know those little oval tags on fruit in the produce section? A recent issue with the tags in a Washington State school district has brought the little tags to the forefront after food service workers complained about how long it was taking them to remove the labels after being told to by a food inspector. Turns out that was misinformation. The labels are all food-grade material and it will not hurt to eat them along with the skin of the apple. Interesting.

The House Natural Resources Committee Chairman, Congressman Doc Hastings is not happy about a recent Obama Administration decision allowing the Forest Service to demand refunds of teacher and police salaries.

HASTINGS: To suggest that something that has already been allocated and then you have to send money back; that just defies logic. I understand you can do that in perspective but I don’t see how you can do that retroactive. This is what I think the political motivation of the administration is to make things as painful as possible and this is one way to do that. I find playing politics like that just to be wrong.

The Beatles had a song called “Fixing A Hole” which might be appropriate for this story from USDA’s Gary Crawford.

(USDA Story)

Thanks Gary That’s today’s Northwest Report. I’m Greg Martin on the Ag Information Network. 

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