Red Meat a Good Mood Food

Red Meat a Good Mood Food

Red Meat Found to Be a Good Mood Food

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A recent research study out of Australia’s Deakin University studied 1,000 women’s eating habits. The study investigated the relationship between the consumption of red meat and the presence of depressive and anxiety disorders.

It found those women in the study consuming less than the recommended amount of red meat were twice as likely to have a diagnosed depressive or anxiety disorder as those consuming the recommended amount of red meat.
Registered Dietitian Shelley Johnson shares why beef helps with brain function.

Johnson: “You know we have a body of evidence that supports particular nutrients and brain health and cognition. So I think that this particular study just adds to that layer of information that we can use to support incorporating beef in a healthy diet. I know that B12 is specific nutrient that gets targeted and that is really unique to red meat in general. It is one of the top ten nutrients that is found in lean beef. Actually a 3 ounce serving provides 37 percent of the daily value for B12. So that is really good news about a food that a lot of people really enjoy.”

Johnson adds that iron is another nutrient that beef adds to a diet.

Johnson: “Iron deficiency in the U.S. is the one of the deficiency we hear about the most. So pointing out the iron in beef is really significant and beef is a significant source of iron in the American diet. Anytime I feel energized I know I’m getting the good nutrition that I need.”

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