DuPont Introduces Custom Herbicide System

DuPont Introduces Custom Herbicide System

DuPont introduces Custom Herbicide System

I’m KayDee Gilkey with the Northwest Farm and Ranch Report.

DuPont has created an innovative, customizable approach to herbicide measuring, mixing and application that saves retailers and growers precious time and money.

Dave Schuur, Cereals Portfolio Manager with DuPont shares more about a piece of equipment DuPont is making available across the Pacific Northwest.

Schuur: “What DuPont is investing in these days is a piece of equipment we are going to put in retail stores. It is called DuPont Sixshoot PrescisionPac Herbicide Dispensing System. I know that is a mouthful but it is really realitively simple. What it is a a piece of equipment that retailers will have and it allows him to dispense up to six different herbicides in order to give a grower a custom solution for his weed control needs on a specific field.”

DuPont has been using this technology for years in Canada and it was just recently introduced in the United States. Schuur shares the benefits to the grower.

Schuur: “It will be dispensed into a disposable bag. It doesn’t need to be tripled rinsed, then he can just throw it in his normal trash. It is dispensed exactly for his tank size, so there is no measuring in the field.”

DuPont is working with several partners, Simplot and McGregor, in their retail stores across Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

Schuur: “Be looking to go to those stores and talk to those retailers about the opportunities with the sixshooters.”

I’m KayDee Gilkey with the Northwest Farm and Ranch Report on the Northwest Ag Information Network.

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