Teff Potential As Rotational  Niche Hay Crop

Teff Potential As Rotational Niche Hay Crop

Susan Allen
Susan Allen

I'm Susan Allen. Teff's is growing in popularity as a niche feed for horses that need low carb diets, horse nutritionist Natalie Shaw who explains that WSU is supporting her study of teff as a rotational crop for NW farmers

WSU has been really really supportive of my project, they recognize the potential as a great advantage for NW growers but also they recognize the need in the horse market too. So my job is to support and grow both sides of this equation. Support the growers who recognize this niche market and want to grow in g low carb hay and teach them how to grow it and package it too for horse people. Many growers know horse people want it a specific way; cut at the right maturity that it is packaged into two straight bales something that is convenient for a it is cut in the right maturity and cut into two which is a middle age women with three to five horses

She says her research is self funded and that she is seeking grants or sponsorships from companies that thin k they might benefit the testing market or the broader low- carb feed market.

And we are also looking for growers for our 2017 season who might be interesting in planting fields specifically for teff and testing different harvesting and growing methods to figure out how to be more be more precise with quality non structure carbohydrate values.

For information on growing teff contact Natalie at natalie.shaw@wsu.edu


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