Support  Americas' Ranchers  Buy Mcdonalds

Support Americas' Ranchers Buy Mcdonalds

Susan Allen
Susan Allen


I have blasted burger King for disgusting advertising for years,  some which I have felt degraded beef .  Apparently their silly kings and their “virgin whopper” campaigns haven’t bothered consumers,  Burger King still remains the second largest hamburger chain in the US. Now the one country that gives United States cattle producers a run for their money and competition for the global export market is in the process of  buying Mickey Dee’s biggest  competitor.  I’m Susan Allen back with OpenRange. Brazil,  threat to US cattle producers and the packing industry is poised to buy Burger King for a “whopping” forgive the pun four billion. This can’t be a good thing for America’s ranchers who have been Burger Kings predominate beef supplier.  3G Capitol making the largest leveraged acquisition of a fast food chain to date is made up of a conglomerate of uber wealthy Brazilians lead by Jorge Paulo Leman ranking 48 th on Forbe’s world’s wealthiest people list. Scary!  A couple years ago I bemoaned  Budweiser’s loss to a European corporation,  now Burger King has fallen.   Brazil doesn’t need our beef for their expansive plans to expand the chain  King internationally focusing on Asia and Latin America. Success for our nations beef producers will be in the hands of consumers who have proven over and over again they will support grown in the USA labeling. Could be a great   pro-USA  marketing opportunity for Mc Donald’s. The one positive from all of this is that  the era of awful Burger King adds might be ending.  
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