Consider Having a Technology Plan

Consider Having a Technology Plan

Most ag producers are familiar with a business plan or a marketing plan, but what about a technology plan?

As Dr. Dave Kohl, Globetrotting Emeritus ag econ professor from Virginia Tech explains technology continues to allow for efficiencies for farm businesses.

Kohl: "One of the things I'm seeing across North America technology is excelerating. It is having an impact on our yields, it has an impact on our profits and its going to be a co-efficient that is closely watched."

Dr. Kohl says that determining a plan for using technology — what types and where — are your operation is important as well as considering you and your employees aptitude for new technology

Kohl: "When you put together a new technology plan — you have to put together a system. In other words, you have to go out and look at your resource base and your human resource base. Does your resource base have the ability to adapt that technology in an economical manner and does your human resource base have the ability to implement and execute that technology? I'm telling the older producers that they better surround themselves with youth because the youth understand technology."

Dr. Kohl uses the analogy of the old dog being paired with the young dog to learn new tricks and gain the younger's energy.

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