Moo Call Helps Cattle Producers Know When Cow Will Calve

Moo Call Helps Cattle Producers Know When Cow Will Calve

When considering how to become more efficient when it comes to calving, where might technology assist your operation? Moo Call is a relatively new technology that a producer puts on the tail of a cow that is soon to calve. The device contacts the beef or dairy producer about an hour before the calf is born. Moo Call is an Irish company. Moo Call CEO Emmet Savage says the device is remarkably easy to use

Savage: "It is a very easily attached unit. We use ski boot technology to attach it to a cow's tail. It has a very soft rubber lining on the inside so it attaches very easily and is very simple to use. There is literally only one button on it — to turn it on and to test that it is working. It is very easy for the farmer — he buys the Moo Call from us, he gives us two telephone numbers that we pre-program onto the unit before it is sent to him. He takes it out of the box, he charges it and puts it on the cow's tail. It is that simple."

You may want to consider purchasing a unit for your next calving season. Savage continues

Savage: "Moo Call retails at $299 plus tax. The return on investment for a farmer is realistically in the first few months because the minute he saves a calf there is his unit paid for. There is a lot of clever technology inside the unit as well. We have a GSM and a 2M chip which basically works the same as a mobile phone. It works in very low signal areas which is very key to farmers working in these rural environments."

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