The Phoenix Festival

The Phoenix Festival

The Phoenix Festival

I'm Lacy Gray with Washington Ag Today.

TwispWorks Executive Director, Amy Stork, says that the October 18 Phoenix Festival, a creative arts festival to benefit fire and flood recovery for the Methow Valley, will be an experience full of music, interactive art, local food and beverages, and an opportunity for their community to rebuild after this year's devastating disaster season.

STORK: A lot of the performers are going to be local, but some headliners are coming in as well - The Dusty 45s are a really fun group out of the Seattle area that will be the major headliner, as well as international dancers and musicians coming earlier in the day. Throughout the festival there will be a vendors and artists who set up interactive experiences for everyone from children to adults to express themselves around what happened this summer, and also to hear and see other people's expressions. So, there'll be some sculptors, some paintings, some photography, some interactive mural development.

Stork says 100% of the admission fee for the event will be donated to the Methow Valley long term recovery organization.

STORK: A really wonderful thing that people can do is even if you're not able to come to the festival, if you go to our website and click on that buy tickets link you'll see the opportunity to purchase a scholarship ticket, which the proceeds will still go to the recovery effort. And then someone who can't afford to go to the festival, perhaps someone who lost their home or was impacted by the fires will get a free ticket to the festival. So even if you can't go, you can still really make a big contribution by buying a scholarship ticket.

The Phoenix Festival will be in Twisp at the TwispWorks campus. For more information visit

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