RMA Closing Dates

RMA Closing Dates

Jo Lynne Seufer, Risk Management Specialist with the USDA Risk Management Agency, would like to remind Pacific Northwest producers of the 2013 crop year sales closing deadlines for Multi-Peril Crop Insurance.

SEUFER: What we want to do is really remind producers that August 31 is going to be fast approaching and for our canola, particularly our fall planted canola and our fall planted onions, this is the final date that they can obtain insurance.

October 1 is another important closing deadline.

SEUFER: Then of course we have mint and our forage production and forage alfalfa seed pilot, fall planted barley, and fall planted dry peas and lentils with winter coverage, then our wheat coming October 1. Because September 30 falls on a Monday, October 1 will be the final date.

And in case there is no coverage filed in a county for a specific crop under the MPCI program.

SEUFER: We always want to remind producers to always ask if a crop is not filed in their county to ask about a written agreement, because they could get a written agreement if it’s not available in their county.

Before the 2012 crop year the Forage Alfalfa Seed Pilot program only allowed coverage to producers in limited areas. However, this pilot has been converted to a permanent regulatory program, making extended coverage available through the written agreement process.

SEUFER: We’re excited to offer coverage for the 2013 crop year on the Forage Alfalfa Seed Pilot again for qualifying producers in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington, and the availability of that policy through written agreement, if it’s outside the pilot areas.

I’m Lacy Gray and that’s Washington Ag Today on the Northwest Ag Information Network. 

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