GMO Bill & FSA Visit Plus Cell Phone Law

GMO Bill & FSA Visit Plus Cell Phone Law

GMO Bill & FSA Visit Plus Cell Phone Law. I'm Greg Martin with today's Northwest Report.

A bill introduced into the Oregon House would designate areas for the growing of genetically engineered crops. Oregon State Rep. Peter Buckley's House Bill 2675 would also require that GM crops outside of those areas to be destroyed. The bill would also require the state ag department monitor the purchases and uses of GM seed and plants. The bill supposed to prevent any kind of cross-contamination between GM crops and non-GMO crops.

Whether you are driving the wheat truck to the elevator or the family van to the grocery store a new law passed by the Washington State Senate would make it a $209 ticket for a driver to hold, read from, or enter data into a cellphone by hand if a car is on the road, including while stopped at a traffic light. Washington State Senator Sharon Brown.

BROWN: I've driven behind too many people that were swerving who were definitely using their device for texting and I think that the way the law was there wasn't enough of a penalty perhaps attached to the offense. We affectionately refer to it as DUIE, driving under the influence of electronics.

Alexis Taylor, Deputy Under Secretary for Farm and Foreign Agriculture Service has been visiting businesses around the northwest that export Ag products and promoting Trade Promotion Authority. She was in Milwaukie, Oregon on Tuesday visiting Bob's Red Mill. The Oregon FSA office said the Secretary spoke with a number of ag industry leaders in Oregon. Taylor also made a swing through Washington State on Wednesday.

That's today's Northwest Report. I'm Greg Martin on the Ag Information Network of the West.

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