New pest management website for potato growers coming soon

New pest management website for potato growers coming soon

Farm and Ranch April 23, 2010 Part of a large USDA grant Washington State University Received for integrated pest management is being used to fund outreach to potato growers. The Washington State Potato Commission was involved in getting that grant and its Director of Research Andy Jensen says that outreach will involve a new website on integrated pest management for potato growers.

Jensen: “Part of that website is going to be a map system and insect count data for regions in Washington, Oregon and Idaho and look at what the latest insect counts are.”

Jensen says the project brings together in one place the information from various insect tracking programs around the region.

Jensen: “With a new and innovative way to look at the data. If a grower has a field in a certain place he is going to be able to look at data for sites in that area as well as sites within a certain distance from that area and so forth. It is going to have a lot of options for looking at insect data that we collect.”

The website will also provide background information on both bad and beneficial insects of potatoes. Jensen says its planned to have the website operational in the near future.

That’s the Northwest Farm and Ranch Report. Brought to you in part by the Washington State Potato Commission. Nutrition today. Good health tomorrow. I’m Bob Hoff for Northwest Aginfo Net.


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