Farm Report

Farm Report

David Sparks Ph.D.
David Sparks Ph.D.
An Atlas for farmers and ranchers. Farm Market iD – a data company with four decades’ experience working with ag companies released their 2018 Annual Update of their database. The update provides complete details on farmers, crops, livestock and land for the 2017 crop year.


The Farm Market iD database covers over 907 million acres of land, with over 316 million acres of commodity crops. The database covers 94 percent of major crop production in the United States going back more than a decade, and is collected from a combination of public and private sources.


Chief Executive Officer Steve Rao. “Our clients demand the most current and accurate data to help them make better decisions in their strategy, marketing and sales efforts. Farm Market iD is dedicated to giving agribusinesses a competitive edge.”


Several insights gathered from the 2017 crop year include:

* A 15.1 percent increase in total contacts, totaling 2.59 million growers and ranchers

* The average farmer in America farms 455 acres

* The average age of the farmer increased to 63 years old

* 64 percent of growers have a phone number, 52 percent have an email address and 55 percent have a confirmed online profile


For companies who want to use this data to gain more industry insights, visit

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