Hortau Provides Growers with Real Time Measuring of Soil Tension

Hortau Provides Growers with Real Time Measuring of Soil Tension

Are you familiar with Hortau Irrigation Management Systems? They are a 15-year old company that provides growers with a crop stress management platform to manage the soil tension in real time thanks to their in-field stations and cloud-based software. Hortau Vice President of Sales Jeremy Otto says

Otto: "Having this type of precision isn't found in any other company or anywhere else in the world. Having this at your fingertips allows you to manage your irrigation so you are saving water and energy. But also the fertilizer and nutrients come into the play. Imagine being able to apply the right amount of nutrients and fertilizer into the active root zone of your tree or plant and not allowing it to go past the root zone. So in effect — everything you put in the soil is being taking up by the plant and it is increasing these efficiencies that will ultimately help the growers' bottom line."

In addition to the precision system, Hortau provides the service and expertise behind the system as Otto explains.

Otto: "We offer a full turnkey solution. We have field technicians installing our monitoring stations, we maintain it. We have grower support representatives that work with the irrigators — often time in Spanish — in the field, augering down in the soil really getting them to understand what this information is and how to make a decision with it. Really empowering them to use this tool and do a better job. We really work with the grower from the field to the office in an effort o get them a quick return on investment."

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