Western Landowners Offer Scholarships to Summer Course

Western Landowners Offer Scholarships to Summer Course

Maura Bennett
Maura Bennett
The non profit Western Landowners Alliance is making it possible for women and students from underrepresented communities to study rangeland management this summer.

CSU's Department of Forest and Rangeland Stewardship is offering the 2019 Western Ranch Management and Ecosystem Stewardship summer field course.

Western Landowners Executive Director Lesli Allison says private donors stepped up to help fund student tuition

"They've offered us a chance to provide these scholarships to ensure that students from under represented groups and women would have the opportunity to participate. Because we'd like to see a diverse student body and ultimately Western Landowners would like to see people from all kinds of backgrounds and perspectives and experiences involved in western ranch management."

Allison says the need is there because of the aging of America's agriculture professional and the changing nature of the industry and resources.

The requirements to become eligible for the scholarships are pretty simple.

"They would have to be interested in the program. It's open to graduate or undergraduate or non students. I think the main qualification is they'd have to be interested in a career in ranch management and demonstrate to us that they do represent an underserved group in the western ranching community at this point."

Classes will be conducted at ranches in southern Colorado and northern New Mexico. Students will have hands on experience working with established practices and emerging ideas and programs that will help them have successful careers working with western ranches.

By the end of the course, students will also have an understanding of the range of career paths available in ranch management.

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