Farmers and Ranchers to see Ag Census

Farmers and Ranchers to see Ag Census

Maura Bennett
Maura Bennett
About 50-thousand farmers and ranchers in Colorado were asked to answer the 2017 Census of Agriculture and after unexpected delays they'll see the results of their efforts today (April 11).

USDA is preparing for the release of the 2017 Ag Census -- Amanda Dawson with the National Agricultural Statistics Services says there is a video series up on the website that gives users a glimpse at the history of the census, how the data is used and what is new this time around. Some of the new data include military service and farm and ranch decision making.

Dawson says the administration staff has done a lot of work preparing the site for farmers and ranchers can find what they're looking for.

"There will even be a video tour on our website -

to help users find the census data and associated products.

The census data for Colorado will be available in both .pdf and text format.

As in the past, the data will be broken down by state, and counties. The website uses tables to drill down to specific counties and commodities. A feature called Quick Stats allows users to customize a search by commodity, location, or time period. Users can manipulate and export the results, or save a link for future use.

And for more detailed assistance NASS will hold a live nationwide chat on April 12th. You can find that at #statchat on Twitter.

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