CommonGround Supports Conversations with Consumers

CommonGround Supports Conversations with Consumers

CommonGround is an amazing grass-roots organization that brings women who grow food together with women who buy food to engage in conversations. In Colorado, the Volunteer Colorado Coordinator for the CommonGround is Colorado Corn Executive Assistant Ann Cross. She shares more

Cross: "It's putting a face to farming and ranching and helping consumers understand where their food is coming from. So these women can talk first hand — they don't have to go out and research on Google to find an answer. They can actually consumer or concerned person about why they make the choices on their farm or ranches. There is no topic that is off the table: they talk about GMO foods, animal welfare, food safety, antibiotics use, hormones in milk, local food versus organic. We talk about all of it."

The group brought a small but impactful group to one of Colorado CommonGround volunteer - Mary Kraft's dairy to discuss how today's farmers produce food.

Cross encourages farmers and ranchers as well as consumers

Cross: "We'd like you to go out and like our CommonGround Colorado Facebook page. There might be questions that come up that consumers have that we don't have that type of agriculture in Colorado. If they go out to the national website — they can pose a question out there and there may be some poultry producer from another state that would be happy to weigh in and address those and engage in conversation."

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