Catch-A-Calf Program Provides CO 4-Hers With A Unique Opportunity

Catch-A-Calf Program Provides CO 4-Hers With A Unique Opportunity

For more than 80 years, the National Western Stock Show's Catch-A-Calf Program has provided exciting opportunities for 4-Hers form Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska and Wyoming to compete at the National Western as well as learning practical beef management.

National Western Stock Show's Livestock Coordinator Clancy Anderson explains more about this exciting program.

Anderson: "This program is designed so that successful participants catch a calf, feed it and return with the animal nine months later as a market steer. The market animals are judged on rate of gain, quality of fitting and carcass quality. The exhibitor is judged on showmanship, their record book and a personal interview."

Applications for participating in the next program are due in the fall with decisions made in early December. If you know a 4-Her that might be interested in participating or learning more, Anderson explains

Anderson: "So for more information on the Catch-A-Calf program or to find the application. You just go to and click on livestock shows and on the sidebar there — there is entire page dedicated to the Catch-A-Calf program. If they don't have access to our website, they can always ask either their 4-H leader or the extension agent for more information."

She continues

Anderson: "So this past year we had 55 qualified applicants and only 40 spots. So how that works is we divide them up between those four rodeo performances and there is more kids than there are calves to catch. So unfortunately some kids will not catch, but we always encourage and invite those applicants to apply the following year."

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