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    If you are in any aspect of the cattle business, then listen up because apparently cases of Bovine Respiratory Disease are on the rise.

  • Forest Fire Fighter

    With the forest fire epidemic we have experienced in the last few years, I thought I would call Chad Walker who works for the forest service as a firefighter.

  • Preventing Infestations

    Some do’s and don’ts if you see somebody towing a boat and not reporting into an inspection station for aquatic invasive species.

  • Milk not nuts

    Some time ago, some states enacted mandatory food labeling laws because consumers have the right to know what’s in what they’re eating.

  • Where is the snow

    Snowpack throughout Idaho is below normal for mid-January—and is especially low in a band across the southwest and south-central part of the state.

  • Estate Tax Repeal Bill

    Recently introduced Farm Bureau-supported legislation would give farmers, ranchers and many others permanent relief from estate taxes.

  • Input App

    Want to go online and get competitive bids for your inputs anonymously?

  • Potato Watch

    The 2018 potato harvest was a huge success in Idaho with excellent yields, tonnage and quality.

  • Farm Debt

    USDA’s 2018 Farm Sector Income Forecast projected farm sector debt at a record-high $409.5 billion, up 4.2 percent.

  • PETA Lawsuit

    People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, better known as PETA, filed an Endangered Species Act lawsuit in Baltimore federal court.

  • Stressed Producers

    Land values, current and past.

  • Real Milk

    A real challenge for the third largest producing dairy state in the country… Idaho.

  • State of potatoes

    Since the start of the season, the US potato market has been stagnant.

  • Next 100 Years

    Farmer and rancher delegates to the American Farm Bureau Federation’s 100th Annual Convention adopted policies.

  • Spud Wars

    A pretty important issue to potato growers in the potato state is the status of trade relations with Mexico.

  • Simpson on Shutdown

    Congressman Mike Simpson is quite unhappy with our inability to open up the government.

  • Waterford Inst.

    A free online kindergarten readiness program will be offered this fall to four and five-year-olds in rural areas across Idaho.

  • Farm Dog

    Woody, an Australian shepherd owned by Texas Farm Bureau members is the winner of the 2019 Farm Bureau Farm Dog of the Year award.

  • Land Value Factors

    Several factors that are influencing the value of farmland.

  • Malbec Wine

    Malbec is a purple grape variety used in making red wine.

  • New Judge

    Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson recently introduced legislation to address the federal judicial crisis in Idaho. 

  • Dairy Safety

    One of The Most critical concerns on any dairy farm is safety.

  • Digital Cowboys

    Digital marketing is a big thing for agriculture.

  • Late potato blight

    Prominent potato disease researchers will continue their partnerships on the potato blight hotlines in 2019.

  • Epicurean Delight

    Truffle hunting is a lucrative business.

  • Beef Industry Miracle

    Amazing day to day performance and accomplishments of the U.S. cattle and beef industry.

  • The importance of Snow

    A trip to Moores Creek Summit with Ron Abramovich.

  • Animal Tracks

    The Washington state Department of Agriculture has come up with a very sophisticated system called Animal Tracks.

  • Solar Farming 1

    Your power bill is going to be set in stone. This is a way to insulate it.

  • Solar Farming

    To make a go in bone dry Owyhee County, farmer Russel Schirmeyer needed to cut irrigation costs.

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