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Bob Larson Winter Weather Outlook Pt 1
by Bob Larson, click here for bio

Program: Washington State Farm Bureau Report
Date: October 16, 2017

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I’m Bob Larson. As Winter creeps closer, and we look back on the interesting (in air quotes) weather year behind us, many are wondering what the weather gods have in store for us this year.

Washington State Climatologist, Nick Bond has been studying the models and says, if nothing else, we have little worry of drought …

NICK BOND … “It looks like a pretty favorable Winter coming up from a water supply point of view. And, because it was so unusual, anything’s possible of course, but something, a Winter as wet as last year’s is highly unlikely.”

But, Bond says, don’t bet the farm on anything weather-related …

NICK BOND … “You know, Mother Nature has, pushing the casino analogy, tricks up her sleeve and sometimes doesn’t play fair, right? And so, we have to always be kind of ready for surprises. But still, at least this time, the deck isn’t stacked for us to have a washout of a Winter.”

Bottom line, Bond says the La Nina Winter ahead should be slightly cooler than normal (again with the air quotes) and slightly wetter than normal, with any crazy weather patterns unlikely … but never out of the question.

Listen tomorrow for more on what Bond sees in the near-term and long-range weather forecasts.

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