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KayDee Gilkey Amazing Talking Cow
by KayDee Gilkey, click here for bio

Program: Today's Chuckle
Date: April 03, 2014

 Texan Farmer Travels Aboard

A Texan farmer goes to Australia for a vacation. There he meets an Aussie farmer and they get to talking. The Aussie shows off his big wheat field and the Texan says, "Oh! We have wheat fields that are at least twice as large."

Then they walk around the ranch a little and the Aussie shows off his herd of cattle. The Texan immediately says, "We have longhorns that are at least twice as large as your cows."

The conversation has meanwhile almost died when the Texan sees a herd of kangaroos hopping through the field. He asks, "And what are those?"

The Aussie asks with an incredulous look, "Don't you have any grasshoppers in Texas?"

A man's car stalled on a country road one morning. When the man got out to to fix it, a cow came along and stopped beside him. "Your trouble is probably in the carburator," said the cow.

Startled, the man jumped back and ran down the road until he met a farmer. Tha amazed man told the farmer his story.

"Was it a large red cow with a bown spot over the right eye?" asked the farmer. "Yes yes," the man replied.

"Oh, I wouldn't listen to Maggie," said the farmer. "She doesn't know a thing about cars."

What do you call a cow murder mystery?? A moo-done-it! 

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