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Susan Allen Historic Cattle Drive Trail Maps for $25.00
by Susan Allen, click here for bio

Program: Today's Chuckle
Date: February 03, 2009


Dear Friends,
We have come in to possession of a number of maps of historical cattle drive trails across the US. We continue to research the origin of the map which we’ve been told was made on cowhide. We have found that copies of the map, developed in 1949, were folded and laid in a book about the trails from 1540-1895 published in 1952. The prints we have are copyrighted and to make the reproductions today are estimated would cost $75.  They are unique.
 The maps are beautifully done, the edges framed by historical brands on about 24x34 quality paper. They have been stored, rolled and in plastic sleeves in a museum since 1992. We are marketing the maps as a fund raiser for the museum and our cattle producer projects.  We sending maps all over the country for awards, gifts for offices and homes and collectors of historical material. We framed one for our state cattlemen’s convention as a fund raiser and the winning bid was $425.  Oregon Farm Bureau and Oregon Loggers Ass'n have barn board framed maps ready for their convention fundraisers. Capital Press, Range, Agritimes and the LaGrande Observer have done stories on this great find.
We are presently offering the maps at $25 each plus shipping and handling with discounts on volume purchases. A j-peg picture of the map is attached.
Sharon Beck
Union County Cattlemen’s Association
64841 Imbler Road
Cove, OR

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