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David Sparks Ph.d SnugBud
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Sportsman's Spotlight
Date: June 12, 2019

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A company called SNUG BUD contacted me with a hot water bottle insulator pouch where you slip a hot water bottle into this pouch which you then sling over your shoulder to provide warmth to your front or back. Hot water bottles have been around forever but the company decided to reinvent the concept and make the whole thing a heck of a more functional. It provides the safe, long-lasting warmth and comfort of a hot water bottle wherever you go in the great outdoors AND… your hands are free to hike, fish, hunt…whatever. Here’s a clip from a video pitch.

SNUG BUD® comprises a hot water bottle in a stylish, safe wearable pouch. Sling the pouch over your shoulder - front or back - and you keep warm. SNUG BUD® is the world’s first wearable hot water bottle with a hand-warming sleeve! Its innovative design combines an eco-friendly, natural rubber hot water bottle and a super stylish wearable pouch. SNUG BUD’s sleek construction slings over your shoulder - front or back - and keeps you nice and warm while you look super cool!

SNUG BUD® is engineered with high-performance insulation that returns heat to its center, keeping it warm for up to 6 hours, even in the coldest conditions. And when your hands get chilly, just slide them into the built-in sleeve/pockets.


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