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David Sparks Ph.d The process of Bear Baiting
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Sportsman's Spotlight
Date: April 17, 2019

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You set a bear bait wait a day and then hunt bear... just as simple as that. Right. No! Here'se experienced bear hunter Jarrod Secundo. "It's a lot of work that's for sure. I mean it might seem simple once the bait's down and you have trained dogs but you know you got to realize it takes years to train and have experienced dogs that know what they're doing. And yeah just getting bait into the area where we hunt is quite the task. You know I've got to drive as far as I can by truck with a trailer with the snowmobile on it and then my whole pick out bad loaded up with bait and once I can't drive anymore I got to drop the snowmobile load as much bait onto the sled as I can and start making trips over the summit and I meet a guy that flies in early spring. He's got a property way back there and he flies in early spring. You've got four wheelers back there. So I may meet him at the snow line on the other side. He picks up the bait and we just systematically get it over the summit and that's bait and go from there. Give it a week, two weeks and they usually got a few bites.

They've been hit by bears so tell me this are you up there kind of standing by you say it takes a week or a couple of weeks. Are you waiting and reloading the baits are you gonna be there to do that right. That's the guy that owns the property back there. He typically does that. I'll come down for that we typically if you set a bait you're definitely not going to see a bear on it for maybe a week."

Baiting bears is legal in only certain states.

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