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David Sparks Ph.d Wildlife Conservation
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Sportsman's Spotlight
Date: December 15, 2017

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Wildlife conservation. When farmers, ranchers and government agencies come together in an effort to provide habitat for wildlife, hunting and fishing people win. Listen to a recent telephone statement from NRCS Chief Jason Weller. “This is Jason Weller, the Chief of the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service and we are here to celebrate but also to hear directly from our landowners who have partnered with us to help make conservation improvements on their operations and ultimately help a whole bunch of species in the West here, including the sage grouse. The sage grouse has been a focus for our agency and a multitude of other partners for the last five years. To help underscore the importance of that partnership, we are releasing a new report through the multi-partner organization called the ‘ Sage Grouse Initiative ‘. It’s the success on the range document which is a retrospective look about the experiences of private families, private landowners and what they are bringing to the table both to improve the success and sustainability of their ranching operations but also how they are contributing to a greater public good, conservation of the open spaces and all species including the sage grouse that live on that ranch. It has also been a celebration of what these private landowners are providing to the public across the 11 states that constitute the sage grouse habitat. This is a huge success story which is unprecedented. You have over 1100 producers across five states coming forward voluntarily over the last five years and putting in place sustainable ranching practices on over 4.4 million acres of land.

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