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David Sparks Ph.d BioGen Ag 1
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Line on Agriculture
Date: May 15, 2019

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Yesterday we met Chad Schofield, the founder of BioGen ag systems. Chad told us about a System he has designed to grow fodder for livestock which is cheaper, more nutritional and faster than anything conventional farming produces. It's basically a greenhouse in a storage container.

"We can grow our smallest unit does about one hundred twenty five pounds of food a day and our largest systems up to 4000 pounds of food a day. We grow barley. But we can grow wheat. We can, grow anything that sprouts in those units where cattle horses, goats, sheep anything that eats grass. And it comes in at a significantly lower cost than the dry matter hay that the farmer currently feeds his animals. The nutrition level is skyrocket. So you have the best nutritional food available for the least amount of money. Essentially what we do is we take a standard ISO shipping container be it 20 feet, 40 foot 53 foot. And we clean it up. We insulate it to R30. We add doors where strategically they're needed. We then add a watering system, pumps and stuff. We add HVAC, dehumidifier equipment we add airflow systems all controlled by computers. We can also add solar and wind generation to it so that it can operate off grid."


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