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David Sparks Ph.d BRD prevention
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Line on Agriculture
Date: August 15, 2018

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I was emailed a video that included several doctors of veterinary medicine along with cattlemen, talking about the prevention of BRD. “ The earlier we can intervene the better. If there is something I could do the first day that I own that calf that will prevent it from ever having a problem, great. So it’s very important to get BRD treated the first time that the animal is pulled. It’s important he gets pulled early in the disease process. Any damage that is done to that respiratory tract, compromises that animal for the rest of his feeding period. We want to make sure we get the animal pulled early so he doesn’t have some permanent lung damage and we want to make sure that we pick a very efficacious product that cures that animal sooner rather than later. Choosing a product that has proven efficacy sets the calf up for success. Usually if we are buying them in the spring, those calves are probably pre-weaned, they probably have had some shots before I get them. Those cattle are less risky. The ones I buy in the fall are usually directly off the mother cow and they are needing to have a little extra care and a little more prevention to them. They are going to face the four major BRD pathogens and it would be shortsighted to use a product that didn’t do a respectable job against all four.

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