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David Sparks Ph.d Cherry Juice
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Idaho Ag Today
Date: August 12, 2019

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From mere cherries to cherry juice. When we last visited cherry farmer Lance Phillips. He was wrapping up a bumper crop season of You Pick Cherries from his orchard in Gem County.


We picked about seventeen thousand pounds, which was a record for us for 2019. And we ended up having about twenty eight thousand pounds still on the tree. And we've now brought in Northwest Juicers, a portable juicing company, and we are taking the cherries and turning them into a pasteurized puree and a cherry juice. And we're gonna do various sizes and we're going to turn it into a high quality product that we can get out to stores and people. So we're very excited to not let those cherries just hit the ground and go to waste.


Turning cherries to cherry juice require something of a huge juicer not normally found on a kitchen counter. Gem County

We've got our Bend Tipper tips ‘em up. They go into the hopper, the cherries go up top, they get rinsed, and then they go through what we call our de-stoner.8-21 LOA Cherry Juice and Health

And by the way, cherry juice isn't just cherry juice. You'd be amazed at the health benefits you can acquire from this delicious beverage.

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