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David Sparks Ph.d Too much, too fast
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Idaho Ag Today
Date: April 17, 2019

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Earlier this month we reported that with most of Idaho’s snowpacks above 120 percent of normal, the stage is set for another record water year. Snowpacks across the state are well over 120 percent of normal, and that could mean flooding. Idaho Department of Water Resources Recharge manager Wesley Hipke says February added a lot of snow to the mountains: “We had heavy snow throughout Idaho and that really changed our outlook. It provided a lot more water for us to use.


Up the river in Adams County, Commissioner Mike Paradis says roads and bridges have been compromised all across the county. “Obviously this bridge behind this you can see there's substantial damage to the abutments, etc. and we've got some other bridges over on the west fork over out of Fruitvale. There's a bad one. I know we've got some culverts plugged. We're gonna have a lot of gravel replacement. And when the water subsides we won't really know until the water subsides to know just exactly what the damage is but I know we're gonna have a lot of rip rap to do and abbutment work to do. We've


filed for an emergency declaration with the state.” With plentiful snowfall still in Idaho high country, Commissioner Paradis is hoping for ideal weather conditions for the rest of this spring. “Well if it just stays kind of cool and rain is a minimum and cool nights and not quite so hot. If it turns off 70 degrees that's not not ever good because in the high country you start running off pretty fast.


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