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David Sparks Ph.d Spring Run-off
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Idaho Ag Today
Date: April 16, 2019

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The flip side of a good snow year. Roaring spring runoffs that wreak havoc along the river banks of Idaho. In Camei the city park is underwater. In Blaine County, it's avalanches. At Black Canyon Dam in Gem County the spillways are roaring. And on Highway 95 along the Weiser river, Steve's Hometown Motors looks like a floating car lot without cars. Just across the road sits Campbell Tractor…not under water but surrounded by it.


Brian Gale, Campbell tractor store manager in Ontario says high water is keeping equipment out of the field. “They can't dare get in the fields or their tractor will sink up to the axles. Then they'll have a big mess.. They’re kind of waiting for things to dry up the field.”


Upriver in Cambridge, Keith Darling's house has become an island. The riverbed behind his house has been breached bringing water all the way around his home. He says it's not over yet. “What we've got the last six to seven days with the rain is that

the mid part of the mountains up there. But you get the lowlands snow and you get the midlands snow and then you get the mountain snow. Up on top and that snow is still on top and there's a lot of it up there from what I hear so we're going to have another rodeo. I think. Hopefully not as bad as this.”


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