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Program: Food Forethought
Date: January 01, 2015

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When sitting down to write this Food Forethought it hit me that this would be my last one. The ushering in of 2015 has also brought a change in programing for the Ag Network, and change can be a good thing. I’ve written about a lot of different topics over the last six or seven years; such as the charm and challenges of rural life, the antics of animal rights activists, the often frustrating and confusing inner workings of Congress, the fickleness of consumers, new technology, and the ever changing face of agriculture. And there’s that word again, change. Change can be exciting or scary; sometimes both at the same time. Change more often than not means stepping outside of your comfort zone, but as the experts tell us having situations arise that make us slightly uncomfortable can also bring about great personal growth. I don’t know about you, but I’m excited about the possibilities that 2015 can bring. Nothing is quite as exhilarating as a fresh new year. I think I’ll start mine with letting go of past grudges and regrets, and reaching out to old friends I haven’t spoke with in a while. Speaking of which, I’m sure will talk again sometime soon. Happy New Year! 

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